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Cancer Screenings – Breast, Prostate, and Cervical

The cancer process starts long before the formation of a tumor or diagnosed disease. This is what we have the most choice in helping shape our destiny.

I encourage everyone to have an annual Pap smear, breast exam, and I also am adamant that it is very necessary to do a prostate exam and blood work.  The reason why I am so adamant on these tests is because I am not motivated or mandated by insurance companies. I know because of my many years in practice, to catch a cancer after a 2-3 years of growth is not easy to treat and does not always have a good outcome.   To catch it quickly is much more ideal.

Complementary alternative care can be appropriate from prevention through to late stage illness. At Casner Mountain Integrative Medicine you will be treated as an individual, always.  I feel very strongly that preventive medicine is vital to detect the presence of cancers long before they have a chance to take root and become another devastation to a family. I feel, simply by doing the annual exams is important to be one step ahead of any diseases.  

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