How To Optimize Your Bone Health Naturally

To prevent osteoporosis, you need to choose a diet that will help you, as you work to increase your bone density with weight-bearing exercises and lifting some weights.  There are some studies that show that vegetarians tend to have a lower incidence of osteoporosis than meat-eaters. There is much to be said about vegetarianism, but there is also positive things to be said about eating meat.  I do not want to say one thing is right or wrong. Because I do not feel that way. My most genuine feeling is that there must be balance. Not only in your life, and the way you lead it, but also in how you eat. You need to bring your body to a balanced state.

A vegetarian diet is high in calcium and potassium, and it is low in phosphorus and of course quite low in protein.  This aids in the prevention of osteoporosis, as long as the person is also active in different ways. We know that is the person who walks daily, lifts weights 2-3 times a week.  I am not talking about heavy weights, but about lifting just enough to cause a burn feeling after 10-12 repetitions.  

You need to eat those foods that are higher in calcium such as, canned sardines, Broccoli, Sea vegetables, celery, Kale, Mustard greens, collards, and turnip greens, Black strap molasses, dates and figs.

Women over the age of 35 should supplement their daily diet with a good bone product that delivers  Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 (as MK-7 [menaquinone-7] from natural fermentation [a more bioavailable form of vitamin K]) to support the proper deposition of calcium into the bones, as well as assist in building up the bone matrix, also collagen, Magnesium oxide, Zinc, copper, Manganese, and Boron.

Foods that are high in Vitamin K are Broccoli, tomatoes, Cauliflower, and all green leafy vegetables.

Those people with osteoporosis will have decreased bone mineralization.  It is important to eat foods high in Zinc and Vitamin K2 and Magnesium. As much as 50% of magnesium is found in the bones, we are unable to get the amount of our magnesium from our diets due to our food sources now.  Unless you eat organically, which will help somewhat, but will still not be sufficient to keep you from suffering from osteoporosis.  

Foods that are high in Zinc and magnesium are seafood, Asparagus, celery, cabbage, oranges, cashews, almonds, bananas.  

Walk every day.  Do it to balance your perspective, do it to balance your life and do it to balance your body.

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