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Integrative Rapid Weight Loss Program

I know that weight loss can be frustrating. It is confusing and contradictory with all of the programs and products available. Looking on Google can further deepen the confusion.  When you don’t see results right away or if you do, but gain it all back and more is discouraging.

I will assess your diet, nutrition and lifestyle. Then based on this, I will help you modify your diet with meal planning that incorporates whole, natural foods that you will enjoy.  There are many reasons why we gain weight, but it is important to find the reason why for you.  It is not just a matter of “watching what you eat”, as has been told to many of us searching for why we cannot lose any weight.   A metabolic assessment will be accomplished as the relationship between our lifestyles, diet, genetics and environment and environmental toxins can have a profound impact on our hormone levels and metabolism, influencing our moods, energy levels and ability to burn calories and fat efficiently. By taking stock of your hormone levels and metabolism, we can begin to correct the disharmonies that are preventing you from achieving your weight and wellness goals.   Gastrointestinal health maintenance as food is our foremost medicine, providing the nutritional building blocks required to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.  Our gastrointestinal tract is the crucial system in the absorption of these building blocks. Without a healthy and intact digestive system, any other supplement or change you make may be pointless.  I will assess and treat any impairments in your gastrointestinal system and teach you ways to maintain its health so your body will become more efficient at burning fat and staying healthy.

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