Meet Dr. Dianna Mendoza

Board Certified

Dr. Dianna Mendoza is a Board Certified Naturopathic physician licensed in the state of Arizona.  She holds a Bachelor degree from City University (Seattle) and a Bachelor in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University and she received her Doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  While having been involved with conventional medicine for many years, it is now her passion and focus to bring her patients to a state of health that most feel is no longer possible for them.  Providing integrative and functional medical treatments to support longterm health and vitality to regenerate and renew every cell of your body.

Medical Background

Dr. Mendoza comes from a varied medical background.  In 1973 she began her medical career as the youngest licensed Emergency Medical Technicia (EMT) in the state of Wyoming.  After graduating High School she joined the U.S. Navy where she became the first female In-flight Search and Rescue (wet-crewman) corpsman.  The position entailed rescuing injured survivors of air craft accidents, performing advanced trauma and cardiac life support care for patients involved in all manner of serious accidents at sea, on mountainous terrain and in very isolated locales around the world.

Medical Career

She expanded her career by attending Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsman (SFIDC), a highly competative and stressful field, operating as the sole medical and dental provider for military and civilian personnel around the world on isolated islands and war ships at sea.  The duty stations were considered arduous and hazardous in all aspects, requiring the emergent treatment of military and civilian personnel while oftentimes under small arms fire with no other medical support personnel available.

After her retirement from active duty she initially pursued a career in Veterinary medicine and ultimately received her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science.  Her career had been filled with emergency medicine and it no loner posed the challenge she was seeking and she eventually found Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, which opened new challenges.  She graduated from SCNM in July 2009.  She owned and operated a very successful clinic in Mesa with another SCNM graduate, where all aspects of medicine, both mainstream and Naturopathic were incorporated into patient care.  She married the love of her life and has now began a different chapter of life living in the Sedona area and working in Cottonwood Arizona.

Enjoyments in Life

She enjoys medicine and all the ways she has been able to help her patients over the years.  She truly believes in the power of the human body to heal and rejuvenate; more so with Integrative Medicine at it’s best. 

She is also an avid bicyclist, enjoying road and mountain biking equally.  She also enjoys hiking in all of the areas around her home in Sedona and traveling with her beautiful wife!

doctor hiking in the snow

Sherrie Meltvedt RN, BSN

Sherrie came to the beautiful Verde Valley from Phoenix in 2014 pursuing to further her career in the integrative healthcare field which is her passion. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in the Science of Nursing in 2004. She has a variety of experience including primary care, gastroenterology, integrative oncology, and women’s health. She specializes in IV therapies and has advanced training in chelation, ozone, and IPT. She has also completed studies in Holistic Nutrition and is certified as a Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator. She enjoys leading a healthy life consisting of good nutrition, exercise, and time with her loved ones.

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