Telemedicine New Visit

The times are a bit scary now, but I want you to know that there is no need to be afraid.  You need to be aware and you need to have some preparation in place to help you and your family.  Be proactive in your thinking nowadays.  Ask yourself if you have enough fresh food to last at least 4-5 days?  Do you have enough canned and dry goods in place to provide food for at least 10 days?  Do you have your vehicle filled with gas, do you have any spare water in your house.  If you have pets, do you have extra food for them?  If you take medicines, do you have refills for this?  Do you have Tylenol at home, do you have Vitamins that are helpful for immune function?

These are important questions you should sit down with your family members and discuss who is in charge of the aspects of getting extra food and water, who is in charge of home security, etc.  This is something that you need to work together to do and please involve your children too. 

We have been considering starting Telemedicine at Casner Mountain Integrative Clinic, and this has just been the impetus to get the ball rolling.  While I prefer to come to your house and take care of you, during this time it is more important to ensure that you are safe and healthy at home.  As the Persian saying goes, “this too shall pass”.  I believe that, and when we are all back at work, it will more than important to ensure that you are healthy, so that getting sick is not on your radar, because your immune system will be very healthy.  I am here to help, and we can start now getting you the healthiest you have ever been!  If you have listened to the news, you have heard that the people that the virus is attacking, are those people that have other issues, such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular, kidney and autoimmune diseases.  These are what we in medicine call, comorbidities.  I am here to tell you that whatever your problems today are, they can be helped, they can be improved and you can be a much healthier you. 

At this time, everyone should be taking Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and others.  These should all be in appropriate doses as prescribed by a healthcare practitioner.  I want you to call and see what can be done to get you to a better level of health.  Call today at 480-544-4016 or 928-985-7077.

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