The Freedom of Health

Dear Prospective Patient,

It is my belief that medical consumers want real primary care.  They may not say it in such terms, but they are looking for a doctor that will listen to what they say.  To not interrupt and tell the patient that they can take care of only one or two complaints per visit.  I believe my patients want me to listen as they tell me about when their husband died and now, they are alone.  I believe my patients want, and indeed need me to really listen to them.  I have been in health care for so many years, I know how easy it would be to become very quick in my evaluation and diagnosis and move on through to the next patient.  This would enable me to make so much more money.The model currently provided are those who accept insurance, i.e., MDs, Nurse Practitioners and the Physician Assistant.  They address most problems, and they provide fundamental care and then move on to the next patient.

A Naturopathic physician is unique in that he/she is the best model of a Primary Care physician.  We are overly qualified to supervise the care of the entire patient.  Taking into account the whole patient – mind, body and spirit.  In fact,as a Naturopathic physician,I can fully demonstrate the potential of delivering TRUE HEALTH at its best.  As a Naturopathic physician, I do not separate the systems of the body, I look at the whole patient.  Long ago, I asked myself how can a system, such as our body, be so fantastic and yet be so removed and everything be so separate?  The answer is quite simple, it cannot.  When a person has a mental diagnosis, we know that we must always look to the gut.  When they have a cardiac issue, we always must look for the inflammation, not just shut down the system of cholesterol, which we know will have a huge effect on the rest of the body.  The list goes on.

The current medical system is overrun with a specialist for every possible disease you can imagine.  The system traps people by focusing on whatever disease they have been diagnosed with, and then the project is to sell the patient non-curable pills that they are told to take for life,or surgery or as always, anendless parade of tests.  They don’t think about the impact of this on the patient, or that most patients adopt the diagnosis for life.  Using it deftly as a crutch.  Through no fault of their own, they have been sold a bill of goods by either the doctor, Google, or some other social media outlet.  It is what I call a “disease enhancing procurement program”.  Recently, I had a patient bring me paperwork from a very large insurance company, the paper told how it would support the patient as they (the patient) declined with age.  That is antithetical to health and wellness.  If you are paying for insurance, would you not want it to help you maintain or improve your health?  Rather it is meant to lead you on the road to your grave.  Although, that is not exactly what they say. 

Naturopathic physicians are well-trained to be Primary Care Providers (PCP), everyone should see them first.  Because they are the only one’s interested in making you as well as you possibly can be.  I restore people to health.  We are the only trained experts in Natural Medicine and all that entails, simply because our approach is to focus on bringing the patient to balance, which then opens the door for restoring health.  In my case, I spent 22 years in allopathic medicine, and for the past 12 years have practiced as an Integrative Naturopathic physician.

Through all of that time, I have helped more people than I could possibly remember.  What I do remember the most from all of those patients, is a very simple, but to me a very profound statement.  So many of them through the years came to me, some from other states, from other countries, I even had one who had heard of me from her family and crossed the border from Mexico to the United States and made her way up through the desert to me.  The statement all of them said was, “you are my last hope”.  From my perspective, I should have been the first stop on the patient’s road to wellness.  I should not be the last one that they try.  But, they always follow the insurance model and go to allopathic physicians, massage therapists, chiropractors, Nurses, physician assistants, etc.  They wait until the body has had all it can handle, it has been through so many medications and different modalities of treatment, so that immune wise, it is a total wreck.  If they by chance have cancer, then they have wasted valuable time on therapies that can be used with Integrative Naturopathic medicine.  And effectively placing a stop watch on any treatment I would be able to give.

SoI have to overcome a structured belief system, essentially practicing Forbidden Medicine, which does not fit the conventional model of medicine.  That is until they can take whatever portion of my tried and true Naturopathic medicine and start making claims that they are “holistic” or “Functional” or holistic in their approach and start making money in their model of that medicine.  At the end of the day, it is all about money.  Now that we have Covid in our lives, it has become almost laughable how people are trying to sell themselves as something they really aren’t.  I can’t blame them, we all try to get ahead.  However, it is the consumer who pays the price for poor guidance, and for poor healthcare.  The insurance model and all of their minions, are not worried.  They have billions and billions of dollars, and more added daily. 

For some, I am told my fee is too high.  I understand when you compare it with free, it is higher.  But it is also an investment in yourself.  To see me, you get an hour to 1 ½ hours of uninterrupted visit.  I then examine you.  I take the information we have discussed and then write out a plan of action for you to accomplish whatever goals you want and what I feel is necessary to either regain your health better than before, or to overcome whatever illness is troubling you.  I take the knowledge that I have gained over the past 45 years and put it all into making you healthier than you have ever been.  Sometimes I speak with other physicians, or other practitioners that I feel will help you.  But mostly I take the knowledge that I have gained from my allopathic and Naturopathic experiences to make the best Integrative and Functional medicine prospective for you the patient.  I write it out and then you come back and we discuss it in depth.  I do not charge for this or for your return visit to discuss any laboratory work we may have ordered.  At most doctors offices this is not the case usually.  It is usually the nurse who calls you and tells you, “everything is ok”, or your cholesterol is getting too high, you will need to go on a statin drug soon.  I go over each and every test and discuss it so you know where you stand in this myriad of medical jargon. 

So, I leave it up to you.   Do you want to get better and live a healthier and more vibrant life?  Or do you want to do what everyone else is doing and follow the crowd to ill health and be helped to your proverbial wheelchair?  My favorite quote of all time, “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.” More important now, than ever before.

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