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Wellness Exams

What is a wellness exam? This is an annual exam that is a comprehensive preventative exam with me as your primary care provider for the sole purpose of preventative care. An annual exam does not usually include discussion of new problems or a detailed review of chronic conditions (this is accomplished during a Primary Care visit). Annual exams may also be called routine check-ups, yearly exams, an annual pap, or preventive visit.  I can combine an annual exam with a diagnostic exam, but I prefer to keep them separate.

What is the difference between a wellness exam and a problem visit? Preventative visits and tests can help you stay healthy and catch problems early. 

Diagnostic visits and testing are used to diagnose a current health problem. Diagnostic tests are ordered when you have symptoms and I want to find out why. For example, I might want you to have a test because of your age or family history, that’s preventive care, but if it’s because you’re having symptoms of a problem, that’s diagnostic care. 

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